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Competition in the planning!

I’m thinking of launching another competition but would appreciate any suggestions. The last one was a while ago & featured dogs with the most votes. What would you like to see this time round?

Thanks, Kaye.


BECCMARK October Newsletter

Hello everyone. Hope this newsletter finds you all well. October is now here and we have to face a few facts. The nights are now closing in and we change the clocks on the last weekend of the month. (for those of you who get confused we gain an hour so clocks go 1 hour back). Good news is we gain an hour in bed, bad news winter approaches!

But this becomes a busy time of the year. Starting with Halloween. Even though it’s not been greatly celebrated in this country, it seems to be increasing in popularity. Personally I can’t get my head round Halloween, but this doesn’t mean I and my fellow crafters ignore this event. There is always a few witches, black cats and pumpkins about!

Even though it is, of course, in November, I always feel Bonfire night seems to latch on to the end of October. Probably more to do with the late afternoon, early evening daylight totally disappearing! Now this one I do like, as it celebrates part of our great British history, – or is it because I love toffee apples – probably!!

One thing we all start doing is getting ready for Christmas. Sorry I had to mention it! Christmas seems to start extremely early in the shops these days but most of us at BECCMARK only start bringing our Christmas stock out in October, with normally the full whack in November. I think most of us feel it’s better to do this as by December we are all fed up with all that Christmas brings, and that would be a great shame.


Of course the weather turns colder and we all turn to woolly jumpers, socks, gloves and other such items to keep us dry and warm. Which leads me into introducing one of our crafters. Mabel knits all manner of such items as well as baby items to keep the tiny ones warm. This lady can even put her claim to fame when she was approached by a media company to do some knitted booties to become a prop in the last series of Endeavour. She’s never let us forget this ever since!! Her stall is one of the most colourful the quality of her knitting and crochet is impeccable. Even her delightful knit wear goes to the USA and Australia to name but a few. So if you’re in need of a warm woolly hat, gloves, scarf and other such items she is the lady to see.


One of the other knitters in our collection is me. It was my Mother who was my inspiration. She had an amazing amount of skills? She was a brilliant cook, gardener and needle worker. Her self efficient skills would make Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall look like an amateur! If I had half her skills I would be a happy woman. So when I gave up work to look after my late parents I decided to turn to cross stitch for a hobby and then to knitting as well. I’m happy to say that both my parents saw some of my achievements and thought they were – in their words – amazing. So when they passed away I decided to turn my skills into a small business. I now focus on knitted toys and cross stitch greetings cards. Toys come in all shapes, sizes and colours and if customers want something more personal then I can make them to order. The same goes for the cross stitched cards. So with Christmas just around the corner come along and see if I have something different for your Christmas shopping. Just remember, I was knitting Santa in June when it was 25 degrees outside!!

Well I must go and get those needles clicking so until next time keep well and safe and hopefully we will see you all at the next BECCMARK .

FORTHCOMING EVENTS:- at the Bourne End Library

October 14th, November 11th and December 9th

For information please visit:- http://www.BECCMARK .co.uk or call 07989716635 or email rosiehagan@me.comyou will also find us on Facebook

BECCMARK Monthly Report

Each month we will have an updated report from BECCMARK & to start us off we have a little background information from  Alison Smith.

BECCMARK March Report


BECCMARK (which stands for Bourne End Community and Craft Market) was started 6years ago by its co-founders Rosie O’Hagan and Julia Wooster. Their idea was to bring good quality artisan products in the form of Food and Arts and Crafts as well as other small local businesses to the community.

At the same time, by having the Market in the local library in Wakeman Road, they were supporting the funding of the Library which was, at the time, under the threat of closure.  They also wanted to support local charities, which, to date, have benefitted from well over £3000, by having a tombola where the stall holders donate items from their various tables.

The Market takes place in the public room at Bourne End Library (Wakeman Road, SL8 5SX) every second Saturday of the month and has grown considerably over the years and we now have 40 regular stall holders and also one-off stalls offering all sorts of wonderful food and crafts as well as garden produce, health, beauty and fitness specialists for the family as well as items for our beloved pets. I truly believe that you could come in and get most of the weekend shop with us! You can buy your Saturday lunch, Saturday dinner for entertaining with the choice of excellent cheeses for that all-important cheese board, lovely jams, marmalade and honey for that lazy Sunday morning breakfast, meat for your Sunday dinner. You could get that birthday present and card that you have been meaning to get, buy the plants for your garden……..and the list goes on.

So each month I will be bringing you news introducing you to the producers and crafters that bring us these wonderful products, starting with the one thing we all love FOOD. I will be introducing them to you and the products they sell.

So, if you like home-baked produce (always samples available), hand made unique jewellery, cards, embroidered, felted and knitted goods, crafts, bags and freshly brewed coffee and tea, pop along and see us at BECCMARK, for a fun and inspiring morning out. Our next fair is on Saturday March 11th starting at 10am until 1pm.

I look forward to seeing you there

Alison Smith  (BECCMARK Crafter)

beccmark-cakes  beccmark-jewellery

Upcoming Dates

11th March, 8th April, 113th May, 10th June, 8th July, 12th August, 9th September, 14th October, 11th November and 9th December.

For information, visit http://www.BECCMARK.co.uk or call 07989 716635 or email rosieohagan@me.com   

or go to our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/BourneEndCommunityCraftMarket/ 

Our Advertising Rates are Still at 2016 Prices

Our advertising rates have not gone up this year, so get your advert booked in at 2016 prices – £20 per month or 6 months for the price of 5.

Ads are shared all over facebook, twitter &  in our advertising gallery along with being placed in the Business Directory pages.

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Advertising with The Village Journal

Just a quick note to confirm that the advertising rates have not been increased for 2017, it is still £20 per month or 6 months for the price of 5 months.


Please email me at villagejournal@btinternet.com for more details.

Thanks, Kaye

Grab your copy of Target


If you don’t have Target delivered, you must grab yourself a copy from the Community Centre. At just £1 as a suggested donation, Target keeps you up-to-date with all the news & events in our community in a colour bi-monthly magazine.


Bourne End Christmas Fun Night in Pictures

Sadly, I couldn’t get down to the Fun Night myself but Dave Henwood did, all the way from Wiltshire along with his new pride & joy… a top knotch camera! Thank you so much Dave for acting as photographer for The Village Journal & sending these fabulous photos which show the busy & successful Christmas Fun Night 2015 & the wonderful community spirit on the lead up to Christmas! 🙂 

Dave added a little message…..

Having enjoyed last years Christmas Fun Night in Bourne End, I decided that a re-visit in 2015 should be put in the diary. For those that don’t know, I moved from Buckinghamshire to Wiltshire in 1995 but still return regularly to Bourne End and Wooburn Green during the summer months. Making the journey on a dark December evening though requires a bit more dedication but I’m glad I made the effort. It could have been Junction 17 to Junction 8/9 on the M4 but in this case I chose the Train which was far easier. A great evening was enjoyed by many and I think, it was even busier than last year with children of all ages seen having fun and doing a good job persuading mum to limit the mulled wine and dad not to hover too long at the Rebellion Brewery stand!

After a pleasant stroll round the village, testing out the ‘Night Portrait’ setting on the new camera, I called into SMILES for some well earned Fish and Chips. I’m afraid I didn’t manage to obtain either of the two ladies names that appear in the photographs, so, if you recognise yourself, please feel free to add some feedback. Until next year as they say…..well, until the spring anyway. Merry Christmas to you all.


Bourne End Xmas Fun Night 8 Bourne End Xmas Fun Night 9 Bourne End Xmas Fun Night 7 Bourne End Xmas Fun Night 11 Bourne End Xmas Fun Night 2 Bourne End Xmas Fun Night 3 Bourne End Xmas Fun Night 4 Bourne End Xmas fun Night 5 Bourne End Xmas Fun Night 6

Bourne End Christmas Fun Night 2015 - Window Display

Bourne End Christmas Fun Night 2015 

Have you entered the Village Journal Photo Competition

Don’t forget to pop over to the Facebook page to enter your cute cat pictures into our competition. Then get your friends to vote for your picture & win this fabulous prize!

Win this gorgeous pet house/bed for your cat

Win this gorgeous pet house/bed for your cat

Here are some of the entries so far….

Here's a taster of entries so far..

Here’s a taster of entries so far..

Enter our Feline Photo Competition

So the competition has opened!!!! To enter, go to our Facebook page.

Competition closes at 11pm on 30th November 2015 & the winner will be announced on 4th December 2015 – Good luck!

Enter our competition on our Facebook page

Enter our competition on our Facebook page

Enter to win this adorable cat house which is washable & retails at over £35

Win this gorgeous cat house (rrp £35)

Win this gorgeous cat house (rrp £35)

Get your cat & camera ready!

Poppy & Lily

Poppy & Lily

Coming up soon, there will be a photography competition & the subject is cats! So, keep your camera handy & practice getting some nice shots of your cat or kitten. As this is a photography competition, keep in mind that the photo needs to be a good clear shot, perhaps with a nice background, along with your cat’s name & contact details.  Keep an eye out for the start date!

Is it a Trick or a Treat?

Be careful what you ask for...

Is it a trick or a treat?

With Halloween fast approaching, please keep mindful of people who are unable to participate. Some elderly & disabled people worry about this night for weeks & It can be quite intimidating for some. The fact that they can’t keep getting up to answer the door or perhaps are even in bed means that children knocking on their front door is not just a nuisance but it’s also very unfair. T

here are also many professions that require people to do shift work & would therefore be sleeping, people who just cannot afford to buy sweets for children they don’t know for fear of being “tricked” or those who just do not agree with “Trick or Treating” seeing it as just a way for companies to make money. Whatever the reason, they deserve to be left in peace. After all, you wouldn’t encourage your children to take anything from a stranger at any other time of year.

Not everyone wants to celebrate Halloween so perhaps by taking note if the house is decorated with spooky items would be wise.

On the flip side, although children love Halloween & all that goes with it, I’m not sure that I would want my children taking sweets from strangers. You don’t know what has been dropped into their bags or buckets & they may eat things before you have had a chance to check it all. The “Trick” could be played on you! There are however, some neighbours who will enjoy the visits but I’m sure they will be the ones with decorations in the window.

Halloween parties are definitely the way forward, organised events where you know what you child is eating & neighbours who will still be speaking to you!