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Please, please don’t even consider this….

As I’m sure you are all aware leaving children or pets in a car in this heat is unthinkable but there are people out there, who don’t think.  Perhaps they think that just a few minutes while then run into a shop is going to be ok?

Sadly, this message needs to be repeated every time we have a little warm weather. Vehicles heat up incredibly quickly & even just a minute or two with the windows shut is dangerous…try it with yourself & you will discover how unbearable it is, long before you would have imagined.10487327_884339468246778_8743040083161280367_n

The best & only thing to do is NOT leave anyone, be it your child or your pet under any circumstances even for a minute…. & remember that more people than ever before are willing to smash your car windows (I would be the first to do it) in order to rescue your child or pet & call the authorities.

For those of us that are aware of the danger, perhaps we should print off a copy of this sign to stick in our car windows in a bid to make others aware of their stupidity!

Falcon Beer Festival, this weekend!

Falcon Beer Festival starts at 12pm on Friday 3rd July with music starting at headerslideshowbarrels-2-w700h4447.30pm & on Saturday afternoon there is a dog show…. & of course lots of ale & cider to try from all around the UK. This is always a great weekend so you should thoroughly enjoy it.


Is this going to be the hottest summer ever in the UK?

Watching the weather & the forecast for Wednesday is 34º but apparently we have had temperatures of 37.1º in the past – What have you planned for the hottest day? …I think i’ll be mainly sat with the freezer door open & a fan blowing!

This is a report from the Met Office after temperatures hit a high in 1990.

Hot spell August 1990

At the beginning of August 1990 there was a widespread hot spell, during which a new UK temperature record was set

A maximum of 37.1 °C was measured at Cheltenham on the 3rd, beating the record of 36.7 °C set at Raunds (Northamptonshire), Epsom (Surrey) and Canterbury (Kent) on 9 August 1911. Temperatures exceeded 32 °C over large areas of southern, central and eastern England and east Wales from the 1st to 4th, peaking on the 3rd with over 35 °C recorded in several large swathes of England. 

And there’s more….


If you are still looking for things to do this weekend, take a look at the events calendar….  There is a concert at St. Nicholas’ Church this evening, Donkey Derby in Beaconsfield, Garden Glastonbury at The Falcon public house, Rock & Roll Night at the British Legion in Loudwater,  Claytons School Fair on until 4pm, Karaoke at The Happy Union & much more.

Summer Fetes Everywhere

Today is a very busy day for fetes, fairs & sales.   DSC_0017-001   DSC_0013

If you have checked the events calendar will you see that we are spoilt for choice today but if you plan it wisely you can enjoy some time at each of them.

I popped down to the Community Centre earlier & met some lovely people selling a variety of goodies. There is also a BBQ, live music & a visit from Dominic Grieve MP. Here are some photos from earlier on.

DSC_0024      DSC_0033  DSC_0028  DSC_0027

Village Journal Jottings

The Past & Present Facebook group continues to be of great help to people with posts on lost pets, stolen tools & even a monocycle found! F_icon_svg

It always amazes me how we are keen to make good use of the group by helping each other out with “real time” posts. Facebook is such a powerful tool for keeping us all connected at any time of the day & from anywhere, but if you are looking for a service, trade or product, the scrolling down the page can become  rather tedious. So, take a look at the Business Directory on here you should find it much easier to find what you are looking for.

We have also introduced a gallery of recent photos of the locals doing what they do best, enjoying life! Take a look & see if you recognise anyone… perhaps even yourself!

If you have any questions, photos to submit or an advert to place, please contact me on kaye.townsend@btinternet.com

Enjoy your weekend, Kaye.