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The Stormflies & The Echo Live at Bourne End Community Centre – 11th November

The range of music offered by the 2 bands is wide, something for everyone : covers from the likes of Kaiser Chiefs, The Jam, Blur, Bruno Mars, Bryan Adams and Bruce Springsteen!

Early Spring Ball


Message from Penny Drayton…

Final few tickets and a table available to reach maximum capacity at the hotel for the Ball! Please don’t hold back, come and join us, have a brilliant night out and support this incredibly important campaign at the same time.

Bonus prize draw on the evening for every ticket purchased, you need to be in it to win it…

Also looking for 2 volunteers for the evening to sell and fold the raffle tickets throughout the meal. The prizes are fantastic so the sales are expected to be huge! Please contact me if you can help (you get to stay and party away for the evening too..)

Just 10 days to go. Hope to see you there!

Why & Who is Deliberately Letting the Horses out?


This week has had numerous reports of the horses in Slate Meadow, escaping & wandering around parts of Wooburn Green & Bourne End.

Several times, local residents have reported the fence posts have been lifted & wire has been cut, which leads to the assumption that this has been a deliberate action. Coincidentally, a few days previously, a notice was put on the gate asking for the horses to be removed within 5 days or they would be destroyed.

While local residents & the police have done their best to catch the horses & tape off open areas of the fence, it appears that someone is still cutting the fence to let the horses out. Some believe that perhaps the horses are being given the chance to escape rather than be destroyed but this action is only putting both motorists & the horses in danger.

Whether the person behind this is trying to help the horses or get rid of them, don’t underestimate the local community where the importance of both Slate Meadow & the horses are concerned!

If you would like more information on “Save Slate Meadow” please go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/SaveSlateMeadow/ 

or for “Keep Bourne End Green” please go to https://www.facebook.com/keep bourne end green