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BECCMARK Newsletter

BECCMARK June newsletter by Alison Smith

Hi everyone. So here we are half way through the year June already. Although I must confess that of course I am writing this to you in the month of May, the 3rd to be exact and if you step outside you would probably think it to be more like the 3rd of November – Hopefully June will be warmer – a lot Warmer!

One country that has more than it’s fair share of sunshine is Africa, which neatly brings me to introduce you to one of our stall holders. Carol Whitehead has the most amazing stall selling products from Africa. I asked her about her stall and this is what she said:- “Bourne End has been my home for 35 years along with my late husband, children and grandchildren. For many years I worked as a senior career for social services. To relax, I enjoy gardening, cooking and especially jewellery making and crafts.

It was in my homeland of Kenya in East Africa, as a child, that I learnt from my grandma and then later became qualified in the intricate craft of Masai bead making as well as basketry. My brightly coloured baskets are made entirely from natural materials – sisal plants and leather – and using dyes from roots and leaves. I taught many women and children from the poorer villages so that they too could make a living selling what they made to shops and tourists. The proceeds invariably help pay the all important school fees – state education is not free as is it in the UK – as well as daily food and clothing needs.

These days I also make jewellery using precious and semi-precious stones including jade, malachite, sapphire, amethyst, mother of pearl and abalone shells. The pieces are something you will treasure for many years especially since these stones are becoming rarer due to overdevelopment and climatic change. I joined Bourne End Community & Craft Market, in the library three years ago and very much enjoy the friendly atmosphere and talking to people with similar interests. Whether you are on the lookout for a genuine hand-made gift or just enjoy a mooch around, come along to see me at our next fair.”

Africa makes me also think of safari and the wild animals there. We have our own set of wild animals and domestic ones at BECCMARK. Of course not real but in felt form.

Sally Boyce is the very cleaver lady who make these animals. She started doing crafts whilst at home looking after her young son. She was then asked to make items for her Mum’s craft stall and that’s when it all evolved and her craft experience began. Sally has tried her hand at many crafts from latch hook to sewing, eventually doing some felt dogs and cats that became very popular. Now she practically has nearly every animal you could think of on her stall and it’s a grand display. They make brilliant presents for all sort of occasions.   


As I write this newsletter, I find I have my three cats standing around the fireplace. No they are not waiting for the fire to be lit but for the mouse that has made its way in and has found itself trapped in the hearth with three set of beady eyes looking at it. So before total carnage takes place, I will finish and wish you all well and let’s hope for a warm and enjoyable June. Ok now to retrieve a mouse!

Alison Smith – Crafter

Upcoming dates:-

June 10th, July 8th, August 12th, September 9th, October 14th, November 11th and December 9th.

 For information visit or call 07989716635 or email


Table Top Sale for Stokenchurch Dog Rescue – Sat. 18th Feb

Tabletop sale for Stokenchurch Dog Rescue this Saturday!!….. in the warm!!

11am start  till 1pm in Longburrow Hall, Park Lane, Stokenchurch, High Wycombe, Buck.  HP143TQ

All the normal stalls raising much needed funds for our pooches and lots of stuff as we have not had a sale for a couple of months! Volunteers always welcome too. Please share!!!


Fireworks & Your Pets

I wrote this last year & can confirm that Zylkene has helped… my dog is on them again this year.

Vinnie Vinnie

I hate this time of year, purely because I hate to see my little dog suffering when the fireworks begin. My usually verbal & confident little dog turns into a nervous wreck who shakes & pants the entire evening. I do take all the usual measures of turning the television up loud, closing the curtains etc. but he can hear them long before I even realise they have started going off. His hearing is too good!

Tonight we have some hope though. I called Hall Place Vets & they suggested Zylkene capsules to take once a day for the next 10 days which will hopefully calm him down. They don’t sedate your pet, just make him feel calmer & therefore less ditressed.  If you have the same problem, please do try these pills. For Vinnie’s size (Jack Russell x Shih Tzu – yes, a Jack Shit!), Zylkene costs just £6.68…

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Christmas 2016 services for St Paul’s Church

Christmas 2016 services for St Paul’s Church        

Saturday 17th December – Messy Christmas Church in St. Paul’s Church Hall (A joint venture with St. Mark’s, Bourne End)

Sunday 18th December –    6pm Carol Service in St. Paul’s Church

Saturday 24th December – 4pm Christmas Eve Crib Service in St. Paul’s Church & 11pm Christmas Eve Midnight Communion

Sunday 25th December – Christmas Day 8am BCP

Christmas Day – 9.30am all-ages

Sunday 1st January 2017 – 9.30am Informal Holy Communion with reserved sacrament

Still need your creepy stories!

I’m sure we didn’t cover everything last year? So, to get your minds working, here is one of last year’s tales…..


This was a very recent haunting in Wooburn Green, the lady who experienced this has asked me not to mention her name.

” In 2012 I was renting a house in Northcroft, Wooburn Green. I had been living there happily with my 2 teenage daughters for 6 months or so. One evening the 3 of us were sat together watching television when we noticed what appeared to be a large ball of smoke cross the room from right to left above the TV. It was touching the ceiling but seemed to be about 12 inches tall & a couple of feet wide. It moved across the ceiling quite quickly & all 3 of us saw it. My daughters were completely freaked out, screaming & running to the far side of the room.
Within seconds it just faded away but we could find no explanation for what we saw.
A week later, again my daughters & I were watching TV together, we had pretty much forgotten about the previous week’s event.  We all suddenly jumped when we heard the back door slam, not once but 3 times as if someone had deliberately opened & slam it closed but faster than you could physically do it. People have said to me “oh, it’s the wind” …. I’d agree if it had slammed just once but how did the door open again to slam a total of 3 times?!
For the rest of our time there nothing else happened but when the tenancy came up for renewal a few months later, I declined & moved my girls to a house in Loudwater.”

Send your stories to me at

Respect The Water Campaign with RNLI

As we are now coming up to the school summer break, taking a look at the RNLI website with your children could be one of the best things you ever do.

Living by the Thames & the Wye,  we often spend time by the water… taking a walk, making use of the local waterside pubs or taking a trip on a boat & for these reasons we all need to be informed of what to do should someone fall in the river.

The website helps you to think & learn about situations that could occur & what to do if you find yourself in water or see someone else in trouble. The website offers lots of tips & advice at

92 Daffodils opposite Slate Meadow-001 576 Thames view from Cock Marsh Common-001

Craft Fair at The Falcon

Weather permitting, you can visit a craft fair & have an excellent pub lunch all at the same venue.

The Falcon  in Watery Lane will be hosting this event on 4th June from 11am. If you would like to book a table then call 01628 522752 for more details.

The Falcon Pub Craft Fair

The Falcon Pub Craft Fair

Centre Talks – Ken Townsend “From Spade Oak to Cookham Bridge”


Upper Thames Sailing Club


The Thames

At Bourne End Community Centre tonight, Ken will be giving an illustrated talk on the history of the River Thames – From Spade Oak to Cookham Bridge. There will be the opportunity to ask questions at the end & if you have any items of interest, please bring them down.

Last year Ken’s talk on the history of the local pubs was hugely successful & I’m sure this will be too. So, if you would like to learn about the history of your village, this is a talk full of facts & interesting information.


Online Counselling

Over on my therapy website “The Write Therapy”, I have now introduced Online Counselling.

For some of my previous clients, you may find this is an option that needs some thought although the session itself will be held just the same as face to face counselling sessions.

For those of you who are comfortable with working via a webcam, please take a look at the website for more details. You can find me at

I look forward to hearing from you,


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Local Bloggers, Get In Touch…

My talented sister-in-law Heather, has been interviewed by M & Co about her fashion blog…. “Suncream & Sparkles”.

Do any of you write a regular blog that you would like to see mentioned on here?

Featured Blogger: Suncream and Sparkles


Heather Townsend - Suncream & Sparkles

Heather Townsend – Suncream & Sparkles

Suggestions for a new local event organiser, please!

I have been asked to see if anyone can suggest halls for hire in the Wycombe area that can provide trestle tables. This is for a new event that is in the process of being organised, details to be announced at a later date.

So, if you have any recommendations or suggestions for the HP10 & surrounding areas please do mention them on the Facebook page for the organisers to pick up. Thank you in advance.