Important meeting regarding the “Don’t Destroy Bourne End” campaign – 11th July

There is a meeting being organised at Bourne End Community Centre on 11th July at 8pm.
The announcement on Facebook is described as “Sharing info & rallying troops”.  If you can, go along to the meeting to learn about the situation & support the people who are fighting our corner.

The description on facebook is as follows:
Please join us for discussion of the proposals and collating all the gathered information at that point. Making a plan of action for opposition and how we can fight these proposals which will destroy the village as we know it.

Anyone is welcome to attend the meeting so please do come along and get involved. However, please be aware that the aim of this meeting is to be productive, share (public) information and to hopefully get more people to actively join in the campaign. We are limited on time and space so won’t be able to spend too much time just loudly discussing how much we individually are upset about it. We know none of us are happy about the proposal but now is the time to focus on fighting it.

For the meeting I am looking for the following volunteers.

– Someone with PA or secretarial skills who will be able to take minutes

– Someone who will have attended the 8th July meeting who is confident to speak and share to the rest of the people at the meeting

– People who are going to be willing to put themselves forward to join the liaison group. We are looking for professionals and experienced persons in all sorts of fields including lawyers, Drs, teachers, environmental fields, planning consultants, fundraisers and many many more.

Sounds like there is going to be a good turn out so please try to arrive promptly and if we run short of chairs please offer to those that need them most. Thank you all and look forward to seeing you there, Penny Drayton.

There is also a small blog page at called “Save Hollands Farm”,  offering information on the proposal & implications.
Save our greenbelt land

Save our greenbelt land

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