Voucher for Claire’s Comfy Canines to give away!


Claire’s Comfy Canines Ltd

Although I provide a dog sitting & boarding service myself, I popped up to see Claire this morning at Claire’s Comfy Canines in Burnham to collect some discount vouchers to give away! These vouchers worth £16, are for new customers & entitle your  dog to a puppy treatment or a trim & tidy. If you would like a voucher, please get in touch as I have 4 to give away.

We had a long chat about the services she offers & how to make sure you find the right day care or boarding for your dog.

Claire & I offer very different care. I offer a “Home from Home” day care & boarding for small dogs and Claire offers outdoor training, nutrition & grooming for dogs of all sizes. So, depending on your needs & budget, one of us is sure to be able to help.

You can contact Claire via the website – http://www.clairescomfycanines.co.uk  or myself at “Vinnie’s House” on 0743 2128084 or via the Facebook page –  www.facebook.com/vinnieshouse

Vinnies House 2

Vinnie’s House

Vinnie's House

Vinnie’s House


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