Some Good News for St. Paul’s Church


There is some good news for St. Paul’s Church in Wooburn Town after the English Heritage Lottery Fund has agreed to grant £244,700 to the church for repairs to the roof.

St.Paul’s had been listed on the “at risk” register due to concerns when the roof timbers were found to be infested with Death Watch Beetle & the aluminium roof wasn’t water tight. The church will be closed during repairs which are due to start on 26th October, securing the future of the church.

Death Watch Beetle infests old oak timbers, usually at the ends of joist & rafters where the damp attracts them. The adult beetle “bangs” it head to attract a mate & as they are usually found in old church buildings, this sound would be heard by people at funeral services resulting in their dramatic name.

Did you know, St. Paul’s Church dates from just after the Norman Conquest & had been altered over the years & In 1857 it was totally restored. And, In 1961 a window was installed to celebrate Dr. Selborne Bailey’s, 50 years as a doctor in the parish.


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