Incy Wincy is looking for a mate!

September is the time of year that spiders start looking for a mate. This means there will be more sightings of them, perhaps running across the floor as they dart for cover or casually wandering around your house trying to charm the females, either way I become very OCD about checking my bedroom at night.

I was actually bitten by a spider while I slept a few years ago which has just added to my irrational bedtime nerves. Last night didn’t help when I spotted this little chap above my front door & when I enlarged the photo he just became more & more terrifying. He was actually the size of a 20p coin.DSC_0002-001

But, although they frighten me, I do find them fascinating at the same time. So, If you have any strange spiders around your house, take a photo & send it in to

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