News on activities & Services at St. Paul’s & St. Mary’s, Wooburn


St Paul’s has some lovely activities for children leading up to Christmas.

On Saturday 10th December children can have ‘Breakfast with Santa’.  Contact for timings and tickets.

If your children enjoy crafts, getting messy and tea then come to the Messy Christmas Crafts on Saturday 17th December 3-5pm at St Paul’s Church Hall.  This is a joint venture with St Mark’s Church in Bourne End.  Contact

Christmas Services: There will be a Carol Service at 6pm on Sunday 18th December at St Paul’s, and the popular Christmas Eve Crib Service will be held back in St Paul’s church this year at 4pm.  Children are welcome to come dressed as Shepherds and Angels.  The Midnight Mass will start at 11pm at St Paul’s.On Christmas Day at St Paul’s there will be a Communion Service at 8am; followed by an All-Age Service at 9:30am. On New Year’s Day there will be an Informal Holy Communion at 9:30am at St Paul’s.

Regular Activities: The Friday Communion Service and Lunch held at St Mary’s will continue in term time, as will the Youth Club on Mondays 7-8:30pm in St Paul’s Church Hall, Toddlers on Tuesdays 9:30am at St Paul’s Church Hall, and Tots Praise on Fridays 9:45am also at St Paul’s Church Hall.  Further information can be found on our website

The Walk Centre: We support The Walk Centre in Nakuru, Kenya, which helps slum-dwelling children and their families by providing education, healthcare and food aid. As well as helping with the charity’s many projects we aim to provide girls with handmade dresses, made from pillowcases, and boys with handmade shorts, made from adult t-shirts. We hold regular workshops to make dresses and shorts for the children. The next one will be on Saturday 7th January at St Mary’s. If you are interested in getting out your sewing machine please contact Sam at

Hire of Church Halls: For more information on any of our services or to St Mary’s Church Hall or St Paul’s Church Hall and Garden contact or 01628 525512.


Marlow Bridge is to re-open

Marlow Bridge could be closed for 'up to six months'

Marlow Bridge is set to reopen for the first time since September – weather permitting.

According to Buckinghamshire County Council, the bridge should be back in action by Friday, November 24, so long as ‘prolonged rain or freezing conditions’ in the meantime does not delay repair and clean-up work.

It has been shut to traffic since Saturday, September 24, when a lorry more than 10 times the weight limit attempted to cross.

Cllr Richard Scott, of Buckinghamshire County Council, said: “It’s excellent news that the bridge is to reopen.

“I’ve been working with the town council to help businesses affected and I think it’s important for the town’s retailers that the reopening comes at a busy time of year.

“Hopefully this will help their trade, which for some has been well down.”

as reported in The Maidenhead Advertiser by James Harrison

Fireworks & Your Pets

I wrote this last year & can confirm that Zylkene has helped… my dog is on them again this year.

Vinnie Vinnie

I hate this time of year, purely because I hate to see my little dog suffering when the fireworks begin. My usually verbal & confident little dog turns into a nervous wreck who shakes & pants the entire evening. I do take all the usual measures of turning the television up loud, closing the curtains etc. but he can hear them long before I even realise they have started going off. His hearing is too good!

Tonight we have some hope though. I called Hall Place Vets & they suggested Zylkene capsules to take once a day for the next 10 days which will hopefully calm him down. They don’t sedate your pet, just make him feel calmer & therefore less ditressed.  If you have the same problem, please do try these pills. For Vinnie’s size (Jack Russell x Shih Tzu – yes, a Jack Shit!), Zylkene costs just £6.68…

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Discover Bellringing at St. Paul’s Church

What is the connection between St Paul’s Church, Wooburn and St Patrick’s Cathedral, Melbourne, Australia?

st-pauls      st-patricks

On a recent visit to Australia I visited St Patrick’s Cathedral in order to join their band of bell ringers for a practice.  The Tower Captain began by explaining that the 8 bells in the Cathedral tower had been cast in Dublin by the Murphy bell foundry. What a coincidence! –  St Paul’s, Wooburn also has a bell cast in the Murphy bell foundry. We have, in fact, the only one in Buckinghamshire and because of its rarity the bell is protected by a preservation order.  Our bell is used to sound the hours on the church clock .

It was great to have the chance to ring the St Patrick’s bells – they are in fact the only complete set of Murphy bells which are still capable of being rung in the world. In between ringing I was able to look around the ringing chamber – I spotted a photograph on the wall of a band of English ringers, who came out to Australia on a ringing tour in 1934. Imagine my surprise when I recognised the names of two of the ringers! W H Fussell and G Martin are on the peal boards in St Pauls! These boards record special pieces of ringing.


R Richardson – G Martin – J Goldsmith – W H Fussell (Top Row) Rev Bankes-James, J Hardcastle, C Sharples, Mrs R Richardson, W Linter, H Maude Miss E Richardson (Front Row)


Peal Board in St Paul’s Wooburn

Bellringing is a great hobby – ringers can be all ages from about 10 to over 80. Once proficient you can ring on bells in many different towers both in the UK and overseas.

If you are interested in learning to ring – or just want to find out a little more about what’s involved please contact Louise Walton ( ).

Christmas 2016 services for St Paul’s Church

Christmas 2016 services for St Paul’s Church        

Saturday 17th December – Messy Christmas Church in St. Paul’s Church Hall (A joint venture with St. Mark’s, Bourne End)

Sunday 18th December –    6pm Carol Service in St. Paul’s Church

Saturday 24th December – 4pm Christmas Eve Crib Service in St. Paul’s Church & 11pm Christmas Eve Midnight Communion

Sunday 25th December – Christmas Day 8am BCP

Christmas Day – 9.30am all-ages

Sunday 1st January 2017 – 9.30am Informal Holy Communion with reserved sacrament

Still need your creepy stories!

I’m sure we didn’t cover everything last year? So, to get your minds working, here is one of last year’s tales…..


This was a very recent haunting in Wooburn Green, the lady who experienced this has asked me not to mention her name.

” In 2012 I was renting a house in Northcroft, Wooburn Green. I had been living there happily with my 2 teenage daughters for 6 months or so. One evening the 3 of us were sat together watching television when we noticed what appeared to be a large ball of smoke cross the room from right to left above the TV. It was touching the ceiling but seemed to be about 12 inches tall & a couple of feet wide. It moved across the ceiling quite quickly & all 3 of us saw it. My daughters were completely freaked out, screaming & running to the far side of the room.
Within seconds it just faded away but we could find no explanation for what we saw.
A week later, again my daughters & I were watching TV together, we had pretty much forgotten about the previous week’s event.  We all suddenly jumped when we heard the back door slam, not once but 3 times as if someone had deliberately opened & slam it closed but faster than you could physically do it. People have said to me “oh, it’s the wind” …. I’d agree if it had slammed just once but how did the door open again to slam a total of 3 times?!
For the rest of our time there nothing else happened but when the tenancy came up for renewal a few months later, I declined & moved my girls to a house in Loudwater.”

Send your stories to me at

Your Local Spooky Stories Needed!


After the success of last year’s ghost story series leading up to Halloween, I would be grateful if you would send in any stories / tales / spooky history that you have heard or even seen for yourself, but It does need to be related to our local area. You can email me at

If you would like to take a look at last years stories, please go to “Articles of Local Interest” & then click on “Local Hauntings”.

Look forward to hearing from you….

Save a Life, Give Blood


Hospitals need to make sure that there is a good supply of all blood groups and blood types to treat all types of conditions. By giving blood, every donor helps meet the challenge of providing life-saving blood whenever and wherever it is needed.

If you can help with the supply needed, please pop into one of these local venues over the next few weeks.

13th October 2016 between 12:40-15:30 & 16:45-19:30 at St Dunstan’s Church Hall, Wakeman Road, Bourne End, Buckinghamshire.SL8 5AR

4th November 2016 between 12:40-15:30 & 16:45-19:45 at – Pinder Hall, Lower Road, Cookham, Maidenhead., BerksSL6 9EH



If you have the time to spare, volunteer work is very satisfying & whatever skills you may have will always be valuable & helpful to someone.

I worked as a volunteer counsellor for over 4 years, seeing up to 8 clients per week. Some of these clients only needed help for a few weeks & some for much longer. Imagine the difference that having access to the right help has made to the people involved.  

If you feel this is the right path for you, think of the ways you could help & then contact local companies or charities for details on how to sign up.

Meanwhile, here are a few positions you could consider:

Bourne End Junior Sports Club ~ Contact the BEJSC office – 01628 528110

St. Dunstan’s Church, Bourne End ~ Help needed between 7th November & 16th December – Charity Christmas Card Organiser.

Bourne End Community Library ~ Events Manager – Contact Inka D’Agostino by emailing – or popping into the library.

Wye Valley Volunteers ~ A number of different roles are required. For more details call 01628 521027 or pop into the Community Volunteer Office, Wakeman Road (to the left of the Community Centre).

Newly published local book, “Up Narkover” by Karen Savage

Wooburn Narkovians Cricket Club celebrate their 80th Anniversary this year, so to mark this occasion Karen Savage has written a book entitled “Up Narkover”.

The story of cricket in Wooburn starts with the Gilbey family who lived in Wooburn House and the formation of Wooburn Narkovians Cricket Club in 1936. Find out how the Narkovians got their unusual name & other interesting facts about your local cricket club.

The book containing over 200 full colour pages, contains 8 decades of history as well as facts and figures along with many interesting photos.

The book is an ideal read for cricket lovers and locals alike & is priced at £15, with all profits going to WNCC.

To obtain your copy contact the author Karen Savage on 01628 529216 or email:

Karen's book